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1.       It was a shotgun wedding as soon as her father found it
It was a forced marriage once her father found out


2. She was skating on thin ice when she left home with that man
She was exposing herself to a delicate situation when she left the house with that man


3.    It´sa stick up (stickup). give me all your money
It's an assault. give me all your money


4. What a big windbag you are!
What a big talker you are!


5.  After resisting for many years, he finally got hooked
After resisting for many years, he was finally hooked (married)


6.      After_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-5cf58d_ elephants saw two hours in the bar5
After two hours at the bar, they got “stuck” (drank a lot)


7.      I don´t salt away much money because my salary is low
I don't save a lot of money because my salary is low


8.       If he crashes the gate, you can throw him out
If he goes in, you can throw him out.


9.       She him´s carrying the torch for, but he doesn´t care about her
She's dragging a trolley past him, but he doesn't care for her


10.  Inflation and low standard of life go hand in hand  
Inflation and low living standards go hand in hand


11.  Take him to the hospital, otherwise he´ll kick the bucket 
Take him to the hospital, otherwise he'll kick the bucket.


12.  He used to be light-fingered, but now he lives straight
He used to steal but now he lives right


13.  the child is father of the man  
It is small that the cucumber is twisted


14.  Robert´s wife is hell on wheels  
Robert's wife is nagging (grumpy)


15.  Robert is always carrying the can for his friends
Robert always pays the price for his colleagues


16.  Thomas was a man with his foot on his mouth  
Thomas was an outspoken man


17.  His family is large, and he has to keep his nose to the grindstone 
His family is big and he has to work hard


18.  After catching a rain, he seemed to have a frog in his throat
After getting a rain, he got hoarse


19.  Birds of a feather flock together  
Tell me who you hang out with and I'll tell you who you are


20.  If he keeps on making so many grimaces, people will think he´s lost his marbles  
If he keeps making so many faces, people will think he's lost a screw.


21.  Our victory is in the bag  
Our victory is in the bag


22.  He gets the cold feet when his girlfriend mentions marriage
He gets cold feet when his girlfriend mentions marriage


23.  After a hard day, he arrived home looking like something the cat´s dragged in 
After a hard day, he came home looking awful.


24.  A quick glance is enough to know who wears the trousers (pants) in that family
A quick glance is enough to know who is calling the shots in that family.


25.  As a handicraftsman, Paul  is a square peg in a round hole 
As a craftsman, Paul is a disaster.


26.  When I went to see the boss yesterday, I had butterflies in my stomach  
When I went to see the boss yesterday, I felt butterflies in my stomach.


27.  Barney puts (sets/places) every girl he meets on a pedestal  
Barney puts every girl he meets on a pedestal


28.  He was knocked off his pedestal 
He was knocked down (fell) from his pedestal


29.  Mary can twist her husband around her little finger 
Mary does with her husband what she wants


30.  Ted has Jerry over a barrel because Jerry owes him a lot of money
Ted has Jerry “in his hands” because Jerry owes him a lot of money


31.  Up to now I was just flexing my muscles. It'll be different tomorrow
Until now I was just “warming up the engines”. it will be different tomorrow


32.   I tried to tell her the truth, but she didn´t give (lend) an ear  
I tried to tell her the truth but she wouldn't listen


33.  When the bills came, he got hot under the collar 
When the bills came, he got “hot headed”


34.  He´sa gambler and last night he was taken to the cleaners 
He's a player and last night he "got plucked"


35.  He always understands quickly. He´s really on the ball  
He always understands quickly. He really has talent


36.  Keep your shirt on! The world wasn't built in a minute
Keep control! The world wasn't made in a minute


37.  Hold your horses son! The bus won't leave right now
Take it easy son! The bus will not depart at this time.


38.  John is short and thin but he can eat like a horse  
John is short and skinny, but he can eat like "a horse"


39.  She got good marks because she buttered up the teacher  
She got good grades because she sucked up to her teacher  


40.  Every night he gets home bombed (drunk as a skunk)  
Every night he comes home drunk


41.  What a smart cookie you are, my friend!
What a “clever” you are, my friend!


42.  His wife always pulled the wool over his eyes  
His wife always cheated on him


43.   That pretty girl is a sight for sore eyes 
That Beautiful Girl Is "Eye Candy"


44.  She´s very sick. I think she has one foot in the grave 
She is very sick. I think she has one foot in the grave


45.  He hit the jackpot, because he won the lottery
He “hit the jackpot” because he won the lottery


46.  He spent 7 weeks pounding the pavement but didn´t find a job
He spent 7 weeks "wearing out shoe soles" but couldn't find a job


47.  She didn´t want to have a heart-to-heart talk to me
She didn't want to have a heart to heart with me


48.  Don´t talk to him. Let sleeping dogs lie  
Don't talk to him. "Don't poke the jaguar with a short stick"


49.  My grandfather died last year. He´s pushing up daisies now
My grandfather died last year. He is “feeding daisies” now


50.  He left the burning house like a bat out of hell  
He set the house on fire "quick as hell"


51.  She´s very narrow-minded because she doesn´t like new things
She is very “bited” (narrow minded) because she doesn't like new things


52.  She was in her birthday suit when the police arrived
She was “as she came into the world” (naked) when the police arrived


53.  I had a lump in my throat and didn´t know what to say
I had a "lump in my throat" and didn't know what to say


54.  You hit the nail in the head!  
You nailed it (on the fly)!


55.  I needed to tighten my belt to buy the car
I needed to “tighten my belt” to buy the car


56.  He´s behind the eightball because his problems
He is “in a pool” because of his problems


57.  She drives me up the wall with those stupid questions
She makes me "climb the walls" with those stupid questions


58.  I smelled something fishy when she didn´t want to tell me her name
I "sniffed something rotten" when she wouldn't tell me her name


59.  When Peter arrived, John jumped all over him
When Peter arrived, John "went all over him"


60.  She´s always beating her head against a stone wall  
She is always “punching the edge of a knife”


61.  He always arrives early. He´s an early bird  
He always arrives early. He is an "early riser"


62.  The boss asked me to keep the ball rolling while he´s traveling
The boss asked me to “don't drop the shuttlecock” while he's away


63.  You barked up the wrong tree when you discussed with her
You made a mistake when you argued with her


64.  He´s still out like a light because he drank whiskey all night long
He's Still "Out As A Light" Because He's Been Drinking Whiskey All Night


65.  He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth  
He was born “in a golden cradle”


66.   The religious leaders were accused of doing brainwashing  
Religious leaders accused of 'brainwashing'


67.  I´ll have to put my projects on the back burner this year
I will have to put my projects “on the fridge” this year


68.  Don´t worry. That´s the way the ball bounces!  
Don't worry. “Things are just like that!”


69.  Is the television on the blink again?
Is the television “broken” again?


70.  He used his bottom dollar to buy a beer
He used his “bottom penny” to buy a beer

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