Informando Direções

Faça um treinamento de conversação em nosso curso!

Tourist: Excuse me. I’m looking for (1) the Rose Cinema.

Paul: The Rose Cinema. Let’s see (2). That’s on the corner (3) of Market Street and Park Street. Or is it

Third and Grand? No, I think it’s on Market between (4) First and Second Avenue. OK. So.

Go around the corner (5). Walk three blocks (6), no, five blocks to Harper Street. Turn left (7). Sorry.

Right. Go another two blocks(8). No. Yes. Two blocks.To Fourth Avenue. Take a right (9).

Yes. Walk about (10) five blocks to Market Street. Go right again (11). Go straight (12) two more blocks.

The cinema is on your right. No. Sorry. Your left.

Marie: Paul.

Paul: What? (Marie whispers(13) in Paul’s ear.)

You’re looking for the Rose Cinema.

Tourist: Yes.

Paul: Go across the street(14).

Tourist: And?

Paul: It’s across the street.

Tourist: Thank you.

Bob: And you’re a tour guide?



  1. looking for = procurando

  2. Let’s see = vamos ver

  3. on the corner = na esquina

  4. between = entre

  5. Go around the corner = Vire a esquina

  6. Blocks = quarteirões

  7. Turn left = vire à esquerda

  8. Go another two blocks = siga outros dois quarteirões

  9. Take a right = Pegue à direita

  10. About = aproximadamente

  11. Again = novamente

  12. Go straight = sigadireto

  13. Whispers = sussurra

  14. Go across the street = atravesse a rua