Falando sobre comida

Faça um treinamento de conversação em nosso curso!

Waitress (1) : Are you ready to order (2) ?

Bob: We are.

Cheryl: Excuse me, I have a question.

Waitress: Yes?

Cheryl: I’m in the mood for (3) lamb (4), but the sauce (5) looks too fatty (6). Could I order the lamb without (7) the


Waitress: Sure (8).

Cheryl: What does it come with? (9)

Waitress: French fries (10).

Cheryl: I don’t like fried (11) food. Could I have a grilled (12) vegetable instead (13)?

Waitress: I think we have grilled peppers (14).

Cheryl: Perfect.

Waitress: Would you like to start with an appetizer (15)?

Cheryl: Is there oil on the tomato salad?

Waitress: There’s a lot of olive oil, yes.

Cheryl: Could I get it without the oil?

Waitress: Mmm . . . hmm. But it won’t taste very good (16).

Cheryl: Then I’ll just have a mixed green salad.

Waitress: (to Marie) And you?

Cheryl: I’m sorry, I have another question. Is there salt (17) on the lamb?

Waitress: It’s cooked with salt and pepper (18), yes.

Cheryl: I don’t want a lot of (19) salt. I think I’ll have the fish instead. What’s in the sauce?

Waitress: Lemon, butter (20), milk . . .

Cheryl: Oh, that’s too much (21) dairy. Maybe I’ll have a large salad for my entrée (22) and no appetizer.

What’s in the salad?

Waitress: Lettuce (23), carrots (24), peppers, onions (25),

Egg (26) . . .

Cheryl: No egg, please.

Waitress: Salad. No egg. Anything to drink?

Cheryl: Just water, please.

Waitress: (to Marie) And for you?

Marie: I’ll have the special.

Bob: The special.

Paul: The special.

Waitress: Great.

Cheryl: Could I ask you another question?

Bob, Marie, Paul: No!



Paul: This is delicious!

Marie: Amazing!

Bob: Cheryl, don’t you want to try (27) it?

Cheryl: No, thanks. Too many calories (28). And we need to go.

Bob: I’ll ask for the check (29).

Marie: I love dessert (30)!

Cheryl: Do you know how many calories are in that cake (31)?

Marie: No. And don’t tell me.

Cheryl: Or how much fat (32) was in your steak (33) and your fried shrimp (34)? Or how much salt was on your french fries?

Paul: Do you want us to just eat raw (35) vegetables?

Cheryl: Vegetables are good. Or how about smaller portions? And no dessert?

Marie: No dessert?!

Cheryl: You need to take care of (36) your body! Eat healthy food (37)— have vegetables for snacks (38)

instead of potato chips and cookies (39).

Paul: You’re right. Tomorrow, I’m eating lots of vegetables.

Cheryl: Really?

Paul: For snacks. And I’m having potato chips, cookies for breakfast (40), lunch, and dinner.

Cheryl: You’re terrible. (to Bob) What are you doing?

Bob: I’m trying to get the check! Finally. (to Marie) Do you want that?




  1. waitress  = Garçonete

  2. order = Fazer o pedido

  3. in the mood for = a fim de

  4. lamb = carneiro

  5. sauce = molho

  6. fatty = gorduroso

  7. without = sem

  8. Sure = claro

  9. What does it come with? = O que o acompanha? (O que vem com ele?)

  10. French fries = Batatas fritas

  11. Fried = frito(a)

  12. Grilled = grelhado

  13. Instead = Ao invés

  14. Peppers = pimentões

  15. Appetizer = aperitivo

  16. it won’t taste very good = Não terá um sabor muito bom

  17. salt = sal

  18. pepper = pimento

  19. a lot of = muito

  20. butter = manteiga

  21. too much = demais

  22. entrée = entrada

  23. Lettuce = Alface

  24. Carrots = Cenouras

  25. Onions = cebolas

  26. Egg = ovo

  27. Try = experimentar

  28. Too many calories = calorias demais

  29. Check = conta

  30. Dessert = sobremesa

  31. Cake = bolo

  32. Fat = gordura

  33. Steak = bife

  34. Shrimp = camarão

  35. Raw = cru

  36. take care of = cuidar de

  37. healthy food = comida saudável

  38.  snacks = lanches

  39.  cookies = bolachas

  40.  breakfast = café da manhã