Falando sobre a família

Faça um treinamento de conversação em nosso curso!

Bob: That’s your cousin (1) Teddy. He’s a waiter (2). He’s single, and he likes rock music.

Cheryl: It’s my brother Eddie. He’s a doctor. He’s got a wife (3) and two kids (4), and he likes classical

music. How about this one (5)?

Bob: I don’t know. A cousin?

Cheryl: No.

Bob: Your brother?

Cheryl: No!

Bob: An uncle (6)?

Cheryl: It’s my aunt (7) Judy!

Bob: Sorry, Mrs. Morris. (to Cheryl) She looks like (8) your uncle.

Cheryl: Tell me something about her.

Bob: She’s an architect.

Cheryl: Artist.

Bob: Married.

Cheryl: Divorced.

Bob: Two kids. Three kids.Four kids?Five kids?!

Cheryl: No kids. Only eight more (9). Here’s an easy one.

Bob: I don’t know.

Cheryl: It’s my father!

Bob: I know who your father is! Why are you showing (10) me photos of your father?

Cheryl: My family is coming in one hour. Now pay attention (11).

Bob: Why do you have such a large family (12)?

Cheryl: It’s not that large (13).

Bob: Not that large? You have six brothers and sisters, fourteen aunts and uncles—who knows

how many (14) cousins, nieces (15), and nephews (16)! I’d say that’s a large family.

Cheryl: They’re not all coming over (17).

Bob: No, just eighteen of them.

Cheryl: I’m sorry, honey (18). I just want them to like you. Calm down (19). It’s OK. You’re doing fine (20).

Bob: OK. I’m OK. Your cousin John?


Scene 2


Bob: That’s your sister’s husband (21) Ernie. They live on Park Street. Two kids—Elizabeth is twelve

years old, and Katie is eight. Ernie’s an architect. He likes baseball, basketball, and the movies (22).

Cheryl: Wow! One more.

Bob: Your nephew David. His nickname (23) is Dave. He lives on King Street. He’s single, and he’s a

student. He loves to travel. He likes jazz, and . . . he doesn’t like fish.

Cheryl: You’re amazing (24)!

Mother: Very nice! (25)

Cheryl: Oh, it’s almost (26) 6:00!

Mother: Bob, would you wipe off (27) the counter (28)?

Bob: I’ll be in the bathroom (29) for a while (30).

Cheryl: Bob! Hello, everyone! Come on in! (31)




  1. Cousin = primo(a)

  2. Waiter = garçom

  3. He’s got a wife = Ele tem uma esposa

  4. Kids = filhos

  5. How about this one = E este aqui?

  6. Uncle = tio

  7. Aunt = tia

  8. looks like = parece-se com

  9. Only eight more = Só mais oito

  10. Showing = mostrando

  11. Now pay attention = agora preste atenção

  12. such a large family = uma família tão grande

  13. that large = tão grande

  14. how many = quantos

  15. nieces = sobrinhas

  16. nephews = sobrinhos

  17. coming over = vindo

  18. honey = querido

  19. Calm down = acalme-se

  20. You’re doing fine = você está indo bem

  21. Your sister’s husband = esposo da sua irmã

  22. movies = filmes

  23. nickname = apelido

  24. amazing = incrível

  25. Very nice! = muito bem!

  26. Almost = quase

  27. wipe off = limpar

  28. counter = balcão

  29. bathroom = banheiro

  30. for a while = por um tempo

  31. Come on in! = entrem