Entrando em forma

Faça um treinamento de conversação em nosso curso!

Paul: What are you doing?

Bob: I’m exercising.

Paul: Don’t you have some work to do?

Bob: I am working. I’m working and exercising.

Paul: What work are you doing?

Bob: I’m thinking (1).

Paul: About what? (2)

Bob: About ideas for Mrs. Beatty’s vacation (3).

Paul: And what are you thinking?

Bob: Beach (4) vacation.

Paul: I have to finish (5) this. Can (6) you go exercise somewhere else (7)?

Bob: No problem.

Marie: What are you doing?

Bob: I’m getting in shape (8).

Marie: Why are you doing that here? Why don’t you go to a gym (9)?  Or the park?  Or outside (10)? Or home?

Bob: I don’t have time to go to the gym.

Marie: I can’t work when you do that. Can you go over there? (11)

Bob: No problem.

Mr. Evans: Bob?

Bob: Huh?

Mr. Evans: What are you doing?

Bob: I’m…working.

Mr. Evans: Then why are you running (12)?

Bob: To get in shape. Running burns (13) a lot of calories.

Mr. Evans: Exercise later (14). Work now please.

Bob: Yes, sir (15).


 Scene 2 


Mr. Evans: I’m meeting a client (16) at the cafe for lunch (17), Marie.

Marie: OK.

Bob: So, what do you do to stay in shape?

Marie: I generally go running (18) in the morning. I do aerobics two nights a week (19). I always (20) play tennis or golf on the weekends. And I usually go bike riding (21) every Sunday, if the weather (22) is good.

Bob: You don’t lift weights (23)?

Marie: No.

Bob: You have to lift weights to really stay in shape.

Marie: I don’t like to go to a gym.

Bob: You don’t have to go to a gym to lift weights. You can lift weights anywhere (24). Like this (25). Or this. Or even this (26). Maybe not that (27).

Marie: Thanks for the suggestions.

Bob: Hey, why don’t we go running together (28) sometime (29)?

Marie: OK. Where do you run (30)?

Bob: To the park… And back (31).

Marie: Oh.

Bob: Where do you run?

Marie: To the park, and then to the market, then to Symphony Hall 32), then to Harper Street, then to the library (33), then to the theater. And then back.

Bob: Oh.

Marie: So do you want to go running after work today?

Bob: Gotta meet (34) a friend for dinner (35).

Marie: Some other time (36), then.

Bob: Yeah, sure (37).

Marie: Hey, can you answer the phones (38) for a while (39)? I have to go to the post office (40), and you’re the only one here (41).

Bob: No problem.